20 Goodbye Messages For Girlfriend

Send goodbye messages or breakup messages to your girlfriend and express how much you will miss her. Share these goodbye status and messages for girlfriend that is waiting for you to come back and take her into your arms.

I don't like goodbyes
It hurts and it leaves you to tears
As I am feeling the same without you
Goodbye my love
Hope to see you!
I am not sad my love,
I am just hopeful
To see you soon again
Will miss you my love
Goodbye for now!
Goodbyes are certainly painful
It makes you feel so bad
As I am feeling sad
Without your company
Goodbye my love!
I don't like the word goodbye
It makes me feel terrible
Just want to say that please come back soon
Goodbye my love!
I don't know how will I spend my days without you
There is a feeling so unpleasant and blue
Will always love you
Goodbye my love
Its only for you!
Just like our sweet fights,
I just hope that our parting will be short lived
Hope to see you soon again
I will miss you
Goodbye my love!
The wait maybe longer
But, my love for you will never change
I love you and will love you
Goodbye my love!
There is some pain,
I will cry in vain
But wont let you know how I will feel
Yes will miss you to the core!
My heart will stay with you
Goodbye my love!
Now, it's sinking in that you are going to leave
I am not feeling good
Please come back soon honey
Coz I really can't stay without you
Goodbye to you!
Everything happens for a reason,
But parting does not
Wish you revive your decision,
And come back soon to me
Goodbye to you!
Memories will stay in my heart
You can't take them away
It will remain with me in part
You cannot find out a day
Life is in a mess I know
But I will survive with this
I will survive with my reasons
Goodbye from me to you!
I had spent some wonderful time with you
So many moments that we made
Remember me for all those my love
For it's all over now with sake
Life will not be the same
But I will always remember your name
Yes its place in my heart
Goodbye from me to you!
Today I am crying inside
And I am smiling in the open
Only because you are not with me
Only because I could not see
The same love that I had seen in your eyes
The same love that made me wise
Is lost somewhere in time
A final goodbye from me to you!
Goodbyes are always tough to say
You don't know a way to day
Sometimes life moves on with time
Sometimes you cannot find
That replacement of love
I really loved you my love
From the core of my heart
Bye from me to you
For that start!
Today when I want to move on
I think about the times we spent
I think about the bitter sweet ways
I think about those days
When you were with me my love
I had all the reasons to smile
Today there is sadness every while
Goodbye from me to you!
I know that I had a choice
I know that things were not perfect
Still I chose to be with you
You took the other way round
And broke my heart so bad
Left me in the state so sad
Its a final goodbye from me to you!
Remember the good times
Remember that love in the eyes
You won't remember anything
As you have made a decision
That is going to break hearts
That is going to break a life
Its tough to survive
Without you my love
A final goodbye to you!
I thought that this would stay
I was hoping that we would go strong
I knew to me you belonged
Suddenly things changed
Love was gone for a toss
Nothing is left to say
Everything is in dismay
Goodbye from me to you!
The distance will remain in between
The grudges in the heart
We have tried mending our ways
But things are not the same
Life has changed it all
Nothing is left to say
Its a final goodbye from my side
Final so to say
Goodbye from me to you!
Goodbye is surely a tough word
When you know that someone still stays in heart
You very well know that you were an important part
You know that I love you so much
You chose another way and such
And left me all alone in the crowd
A final goodbye from me to you
Stay happy wherever you go!

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