40 Sweet Good Day Messages For Him

Many unique examples and ideas of romantic and sweet good day messages for him that you can send and surprise your loved man or boyfriend.

I thought of wishing you a bright day,
So, keep smiling and have a lovely day,
Good day!
I am sending my good wishes for you my dear,
What if you aren't near,
Still I want your day to be bright,
For you pretty would be every sight,
Have a good day!
Sending lots of kisses and hugs for you,
May your day be bright and new,
I love you,
Have a good day!
My dear, I just want to see your smile,
Not for today but all the while,
Have an amazing day,
Keep shining bright,
Good day!
The first moment I thought of you,
Coz I wanted you to know,
That I am missing you,
And I love you,
Have a great day ahead my love!
Early morning I thought of you,
Because you only brighten up my life,
Have an amazing day today,
Coz it's a new day!
I am sending all my love,
To the loveliest person I know,
With all my love,
I love you,
Have a very good day ahead!
Welcome your day with a bright smile on your face,
I know nothing can replace my love,
But, still have a nice day,
Good day!
As I was thinking about you,
I thought that I must wish you,
A great day ahead,
So, that you stay prepared,
With the power of love,
Have a good day!
You know that you are my world,
What if you are not near?
Still I want to wish you dear,
So that you have an awesome day ahead,
Have a nice day!
Good day my love, as it's a new day,
There is a new freshness in the air,
As precious as your smile,
This is true and rare,
Have a great day ahead!
Love you!
Ah! Such an amazing day it is,
Such an amazing weather today,
So, the first thing in the morning,
I thought let me wish you this day,
May you stay blessed my love,
And have an awesome day!
As the morning sunshine is new,
As the sweet little dew,
I thought of wishing you a day full of love and luck,
Good day my dear,
Start your day all bright,
With no fear,
Have a great day ahead,
Love you so much!
My life is complete only when I see your smile,
It's every time and all the while,
So, on this new day,
I just wish you have an awesome day,
Have a great day!
I love you!
My love for you has increased with time,
And, I have realized that you are truly mine,
I love you more than me my love,
On this super day so new,
Let me wish you,
Have a great day ahead!
Have a good day!
I did not believe in the word magic,
Until you came in my life,
And, everything became so magical and new,
Coz you are the best,
One in few,
I love you,
Have a super fantastic day ahead my love!
Do you know what?
Before you came in my life, my life was good,
But, after you, it has become awesome,
So, a touch wood,
I so love you,
Have a great day ahead,
Stay blessed my love!
Just another day it is,
Just another time,
But just wanted to message you,
To say that you are mine,
I love you so much
Have a super awesome day!
I don't think you are at fault,
I don't think it's me,
It's the fault of our love,
It's the thing of destiny,
Coz I miss you so much,
Coz I love you so much,
Have a great day ahead!
My love!
The day is new and the feel is new,
Everything is fresh like the dew,
So, wanted to wish you a perfect day ahead,
Coz I so love you,
Have a good day ahead,
Keep smiling!
A new day brings in new things to see
A new day also brings new light to see
There are new ways to perceive
And new directions to change
So on this lovely day
I just want to wish you good day!
Embrace this lovely day with a smile
For all the way and all the while
For a new day brings a new cheer in life
Make you think otherwise
On this lovely day so new
I wish you have a good day!
On this new day
I just want to wish you a new way
May you go out there and have a lovely day
With a smile on your handsome face
With your wonderful grace
Have a good day!
A good day is all about the good cheer
And good vibe that you have
So spend your day with a good cheer
As I wish that you have a wonderful day
And you have a good day
May your day be bright!
To the man I love the most
This morning I want to raise a toast
So that you have a lovely day today
Wishing you a lovely good day!
Have a nice day!
Have a great day, darling! You are the best man I have ever known, and you only and only deserve the best!
Good Day to the love of my life. Go ahead and kick some ass at work today. When you come back, your girlfriend will be waiting for you with arms wide open for a night full of fun.
Good Morning, baby! Each new day is meant for great things, and I hope only and only great things happen to you today. Love you!
Start your day with a smile on your face, because I am sending loads of hugs and kisses to you! Muaah!
Sending lots of love to the loveliest person on this planet. May you have an awesome day today!
Don't worry about how yesterday went. Don't worry about how tomorrow will turn out to be. Focus on what you're doing today to make a great day. Have a lovely day baby!
All my love and luck to you for having a great day today! Have a great day baby!
New day! New day! New day! Which means that there is so much to look forward to. Go ahead and make the most of today, because it won't come back again.
Good Morning to the best person in the world. You are the reason for my happiness, and I hope that with my wishes and prayers, you stay happy every coming day too.
Baby, just wanted to start off your morning by letting you know that you complete me and my life. I hope you have a great day, and you must know that I'll always be there for you.
You must know that not a lot of people can do what you do everyday, and in that sense of it, you're a very brave person! Go ahead, be brave, and have another killer day baby!
Hey, love! Just thought I'd drop a message and let you know that you're an awesome person and that today will be a great day for you! So go with a happy mood, and live your day to the fullest!
I didn't believe in magic till the day you came into my life. And I hope that today my magician's day is filled with lots of love, luck and magic too.
Wishing a happy and perfect day to the one who brings happiness and perfection in my life. Have a great day, baby!
Make the most of today for it won't come back tomorrow. Seize the day and make it exactly how you want it to be. Have a good day!

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