15 Good Farewell Messages For Boss

Amazing and good farewell messages for boss along with goodbye quotes and wishes to bid a great farewell and make memorable the last day at office.

The way I believe,
Goodbyes are just the beginning of something better and bigger,
Farewell sir, all the best for future!
All the special time that I spent with you,
All the arguments and words so few,
Will always be cherished in my heart,
Coz you are too good to be true,
Goodbye and all the best!
A special wave only for,
A special farewell only for you,
Stay blessed wherever you go,
A special tear only for you,
Goodbye sir!
May wherever you go, your path be bright for you,
May you get everything worthy and new,
This is my only wish for you,
All the best for future,
Goodbye sir!
May this goodbye is not for so long,
May it take you to the new path of happiness,
The future will be good,
Goodbye and all the best!
So many things I learnt from you,
So many things old and new,
You gave me tips for my betterment in life,
Now, that you are leaving,
I just want to give my best wishes to you,
Stay blessed,
Thank you for all the support and guidance that you provided,
I will keep your gesture forever in my heart,
Cherished forever,
Goodbye and all the best for your future endeavors!
On the last day of your job,
We would all like to express our heartfelt gratitude for all kind gestures,
Goodbye for future,
Stay blessed!
How shall I thank you?
When you taught me so much,
How shall I thank you?
I want to say that you will really be missed here,
Goodbye and god bless,
All the best for future!
Wishing you all the new adventures in life,
Something good is waiting for you out there,
So all the best and goodbye!
I would like to thank you for providing me with the opportunity to serve the company,
And I want to say thanks for all the wonderful things which you have taught me,
I would forever be indebted to you for this. All the best for your future endeavors!
You know that it is really hard to tell someone good bye,
But, goodbye also has two meanings,
It stands for all the good time you had and,
Bye with the promise of something better in life,
So a lovely goodbye from my side!
Working with you was such a pleasure,
You have taught me so many wonderful things,
That I really can't thank you enough in life,
Good bye and all the best for future!
I had such a good time in your company,
That I can't thank you enough,
You guided me, supported me and motivated me,
Will really miss you sir,
Have a good life ahead,
Good bye!
Goodbye to the most wonderful boss,
Goodbye to you sir,
Learnt so many things from you,
Do you even have a clue?
That I owe so many lessons to you,
Goodbye sir,
Stay blessed!

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