Good Morning Quotes and Fresh Inspirational Messages

1. I’ve always dreamt of someone who would understand me completely and share my views. I’ve always dreamt of true friendship like in books and movies. And then I met you, pal. You are my soulmate. Without you my life would be boring and grey. I thank my stars for a friend like you. Have a great day!

2. A wonderful morning to a wonderful friend like you! May your days be filled with wonders of wonderful events, good morning friend!

3. A perfect day is not the one that starts with coffee or tea but the one that starts with you. This is why I am sending you these wishes for a lovely morning and a great day ahead!

4. A brand new day is a great sign that our past has faded away and it is time to move forward. A lovely morning to the best friend in the world!

5. Never regret for what you did yesterday,because today is another opportunity to make it right, smile as it’s a beautiful day, smile as this is the start for a new day.
Good morning to you my bestie!

6. A little bit of coffee (okay maybe more than a little), a shower, your favorite outfit (meaning the most comfortable) and you’ll be unstoppable!

7. You are going to have the kind of day that when your eyes opened this morning, the devil muttered “Damn, she’s awake.”

8. You’re good looking, intelligent, dynamic, kind, energetic, competent… and humble…don’t forget humble.

9. Hum the “zippety do da” song to yourself while you get ready for your day. You’ll have a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

10. Good morning sunshine! Now get out there and beam that positivity on the rest of the world.

11. How can one human being be so inspirational to others as you are? As you move through your day, don’t forget how impactful you are.

12. When you shower, drink that first cup of coffee and prepare for your day, ask this: “God, how can I be of service today?”

13. It’s a beautiful day outside as long as it’s a beautiful day inside. You have so much beauty inside you that I KNOW you’ll have a great day.

14. Ignore that evil snooze button. It’s only there to make you run late and then feel guilty about it. Get Moving!

15. I don’t know why we sometimes wake up with a bad attitude first thing in the morning when, in truth, we stand at the edge of endless opportunities.

16. No day is ordinary. Each day offer us new opportunities to enjoy this beautiful life and improve that of others.

17. Hey gorgeous! Out of fairness to society, you owe it to people to get out there and bestow your fabulosity upon the world.

18. You have the most beautiful smile, and it improves everyone’s day. Wake up, get out there, and exercise that smile!

19. First, count your blessings. Next, have a cup of coffee. Finally, go out and be a blessing to others. You’re amazing.

20. Love isn’t love until you give it away. Welcome your day and spread all that love that’s waiting in your heart.

21. You are so valuable to me and to everyone you encounter. The way you take care of everyone is amazing. Enjoy your day.

22. I can’t imagine my world without you. Denying your gifts to the world would just be selfish! Good morning, beautiful.

23. Hit that snooze (only once), get that coffee into your system, and get out there and rule the world (as you should).

24. You — just another human being? I beg to differ! You are an ass-kicker, name taker and world conqueror. Now get out there, Your Highness!

25. If you can dream an awesome day, you can achieve an awesome day. Make your dreams come true today.

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