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Dream Of Star,Dream Of Palace,
Dream Of Person,
Dream Of A Face,
Dream Of Sea,
BUT When U Dream Of Friend
Good Night Dear..

The greatest gift u can give 2 sum1 is your time.
B’coz when u give sum1 ur time.
You’re givin them a portion of life that U never get back.
Good Night Friend

Whenever you have a DREAM inside your HEART,
Never let it go coz DREAMS are the TINY SEEDS,
Have a wonderful dream tonight?

know its late but i cant sleep w/o letting u know how much i care…
ur maybe fast asleep ryt now and probably read this 2morrow…
juz want 2 let you know that i whispered gudnyt ..

Dont ever give up when you are down..
it doesnt matter if u fall many tyms..
just remember that each time u fall ..
i’ll nvr let u reach d ground..
trust me..i’ll always be around.

I promise to keep you going, not losing direction,
And to implant in all you do a sense of distinction.
The love I’ll show you, with undiluted affection,
And I’ll make your love, my desire, my addiction.
I love you, my boldness.

This is more than unveiling of mystery
And such that ends my age long misery.
I’ve seen love, but not this in history,
Still how you love me, ever a mystery!
I love you, my trust.

I saw my whole life taking a newer order
When I found a friend closer than a brother
With my past I saw reasons to never bother
Since our love is under any kind of weather.
I love you, my best gift ever.

A rare blend of perfection and beauty you are
Looking ahead, I see this taking you very far.
Loving, special and gorgeous, daily through art
Lucky I am, to be with you on this lovely path
I love you, my merriment.

Clinging to you, I’ll do, even till world’s end
Even share with you moments that will last
The journey of our love, no start and no end
We enjoying each moment, with utmost blast.
I love you my first and last.

Funny Good Night SMS - Good Night Msg For Friend

Our Life Begins With Our Cry…
Our Life Ends With Others’ Cry…
Utilize This Gap & Laugh As Much As Psbl B/W Dese Cries!
Keep :-)Ing Always!
Good Night (:

U r the reason why I have sleepless nihgts,
U r the reason why I tend to hold my pillow tight.
U r the reason I can t sleep without saying
Good Night…..

Hai moon!
Dim ur light Hello wind!
breeze soft Hai flower!
blossom slowly Hello earth!
spin gently B”coz my friend is going to sleep.
Good night.

Night is the essence of pride,
for i””ll be dreaming of my to be bride,
sweetdreams and goodnight is wished,
for she will never know how much she is missed.

0 0 0 0 .shhhhhhhhh.
I”m walking slowly,
bcoz u might be sleeping,
I”ll just leave my message

Cute Good Night SMS - Sweet Good Night SMS

. ‘ 12 ‘ .
9 !/ 3
‘ . 6 . ‘

. ‘ 12 ‘ .
9 !_ 3
‘ . 6 . ‘

. ‘ 12 ‘ .
9 _! 3
‘ . 6 . ‘

still awake?
Time to sleep,

A day is going to end again.
It is nice to have a friend like U making my
everyday seems to great.
Thank you my good friend.
Lastly good nite n sweet dreams…

4 A Nice Frnd Nice Night
4 A Sweet Frnd Sweet Night
4 A Loving Frnd Lovly Night
4 A Heartly Frnd Hertly Night
4 A Good Frnd “Good Night”

G. Go 2 Bed
O. Off d Lights
O. Out O Tension
D. Dreams Come

N. Nice Sleep
I. Ignore Worries
G. Get Up Early
H. Have A Nice Day
T. Thank God Always

Welcome 2
Radio Bed FM
Dis Is Dj Bedsheet
Hngin Out Wis Dj Pilow
4 Nw I’l Play U A Song
SleepTyt Dozn Ov
Swit Drimz 4m d Album

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